Tools To Make Beautiful Explainer Videos

Tools To Make Beautiful Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a very effective marketing tool. Millions of companies, businesses and individuals are using them to reach audiences more efficiently. Using visual graphics allows a person who creates an explainer video to promote whatever they have in mind. They can be used to promote a website or a business you are starting. You can also use them to increase the conversion of your software or products you are selling.

For those looking on tips for how to make explainer videos or what steps to follow when it comes to creating explainer videos, there are a few things to consider. First, you have to know what are the ways to make your explainer video, the best possible. Second, you also need to know what the best tools to make beautiful explainer videos are.

An Effective Marketing Tool

For years, explainer videos have become one of the most powerful and effectual marketing tools available. As more people become aware of their benefits, their popularity continues to grow. Presently, millions of individuals are using explainer videos as a way to make money as well. It is one of the things which has made YouTube such a powerhouse when it comes to how to videos. You can find all types of explainer videos on YouTube and other similar sites.

Companies are also using them to reach a broader audience. In addition, they are able to do so while entertaining the user. It is part of the reason explainer videos are so popular. Creators loved them and so do the users who view them.

The Best Explainer Videos Softwar

Due to how popular and effective explainer videos are, there are many powerful tools to help people create them. You can use various programs, online sites, applications and software to help create an awesome explainer video. Some of the best explainer videos software available are not free though.


There are some that you can use for free to make low cost explainer videos. Still, what tools you use to create yours depends on several factors. For one, if it is for a startup company, then perhaps you may need to spend some money purchasing explainer video software. Making a great explainer video will lead to more conversions anyway. In addition to this software, you can utilize the services of a video production company such as SquareShip. In the event that you are just starting out and don’t want or can’t afford to spend money to make yours, there are some inexpensive options. Below are some of the best tools to help you create an awesome explainer video.


When it comes to tools to create explainer videos for free, VideoTweeter comes in handy. It has several functions for you to use that let you make an effective explainer video. You can use images, audio and video footage to create yours. You can also add several useful effects to your explainer video. And it lets you upload your explainer video to YouTube or other sites with a simple click.

Adobe After Effects

Another great tool to use for do it yourself explainer videos is Adobe After Effects. Since animation is one of the things which make explainer videos so popular, this program can help you. The only problem is that it is not free. Also, Adobe After Effects requires some getting used to. It can be a bit complicated for people who are just getting started. This explainer video tool is recommended for advanced users.


If you are looking for open source tools to create explainer videos, then PowToon is for you. This great tool lets you make amazing and beautiful animated videos easily. Best of all, it is free to use online. PowToon also has several ready to use templates to help you get started right away. For newbies, the ‘drag and drop’ feature comes in handy and makes it simpler to use.

Explainer Video Toolkit

Individuals who are looking for animated explainer videos for landing pages, may want to consider using Explainer Video Toolkit. This powerful explainer video tool has over 400 interactive scenes. In addition, there are 6 characters you can use, photo holders, kinetic typography, customizable effects and much more. The only drawback is the price since it is not free. Nonetheless, since it costs less than $50, it may be worth it for those looking to create several videos.


Those looking to make an explainer video without too much technical knowledge should try Wideo. Apart from their drag and drop feature, the explainer video tool also has more than 1300 images to choose from. In addition, Wideo contains more than 50 music tracks you can use to create your animated video. The presently have a 7-day trial which lets you use the program for free.


There are many other tools to make beautiful explainer videos available today. However, finding the right one will mostly depend on your specific needs. Depending on what type of explainer video you want to make is also another factor to consider. In the end, you have countless of tools available to help you create an awesome and effective explainer video.

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