How to Edit Video for your Channel/Website

Whatever the theme of your Youtube channel or your website, what always attracts viewers is the content especially of your videos. Here are some simple steps in video editing that will surely earn you lots of viewers.

  1. Make sure you got more shots or images than you thought you needed. Before you proceed to edit your video, you have to first make sure that you have more shots than you thought necessary. Having lots of shots and photos will enable you to have more shots and photos to choose from when editing your video.
  2. If you don’t have a video editing software yet, you can download or purchase a video editing software you are confident with. If you are new to editing videos, you can download or purchase several video editing software for beginners and watch its tutorials.
  3. Choose an arrange your asset. In video editing, asset is a tech-speak for a photo, video or music track. Arrange your video shots or photos. Play the video preview to check how it would play out.
  4. Trim and delete unnecessary shots and photos. In this step, you can nor trim and remove the shots that you think are unnecessary and dragging. Make sure to choose the shots or photos that would best convey the message you are trying to send to your viewers. No matter how beautifully taken certain shots and angles are, if they don’t add up to make a story and help in conveying your story, do not hesitate to remove it.

 In informative videos that require a lengthy time for talking and presenting information, make sure to make tight cuts. This means that to be able to shorten your videos and not bore out your viewers, you can trim your video to exclude unnecessary pauses, use suitable cutaways to make the dialogue gaps shorter.

  1. Know when to use wide and close-up shots. In starting your video, you can use ide shots to be able to set up the setting and the context of your video. However, having already set your videos setting, you can now proceed to using close-up shots. This is now the time when you have to crop your videos.
  2. Make sure your audio is as clear as possible. Having already sort out the photos and shots you need, check if your audio is clear and understandable to your viewers. If it is proven otherwise, you can mute your shots and replace it with an audio recording for your video. Make sure that the audio would best fit your shots.
  3. Add the necessary texts. When adding texts, make sure that your text would surely fit your video. Customize your fonts to not only best suit your video but would also be readable to your audience.
  4. Add necessary effects and transitions. In adding video effects and transitions, make sure that the effects and transitions you have added would complement your video instead of ruining it.
  5. Evaluate your project. You are almost done with your video. In this step, you have to closely look at your video with an objective and critical eye. Watch out for mistakes and parts that needs to be polished.
  6. Publish your video. You can save your video and confidently share it with the world. Make sure that you save your file in the form that is supported by your website or by Youtube.

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