Free Online Tools to Help Create Videos

It has become relatively easier to make videos with today’s technological advancement. With just the help of accessible online materials, anything is possible. Whatever the theme of your video, you can trust that there will always be a right online tool that would readily assist you. Here are tools which are not only accessible online but, which, more importantly, works to create professional looking, high-quality videos.

  1. GoAnimate – GoAnimmate is perfect for your corporate or even educational video needs. With a free trial, you can now create fun, creative, and professional-looking animated videos. With it’s easy to use design, even beginners can now have animated videos of various types of background, characters who will automatically lip sync your audio and props. GoAnimate becomes even more convenient with the help of the “explainer” video that would explain the concepts, news releases, costumer service FAQs, training, product demonstrations and portfolios.
  2. Animoto – Also having a free trial, Animoto is one of the easiest online tools for making video clips for corporate, educational, and other types videos. With Animoto, you can easily add affects, graphics and texts to your photos and successfully upload and share it to the world.
  3. Animaker – Animaker is one the best movie creation tools out there. With its free trial, you can now import using your own images and audio, make videos up to two minutes long, polish your videos through the help of music and other audio effects, and export up to five of your SD videos per month. Animaker also enables you to make your animated videos through existing characters, animations, backgrounds and other props that will surely benefit your needs.
  4. Biteable – Biteable is a free online video creation tool that is built with an intuitive interface that would conveniently enable you to customize hundreds of templates that feature stock footages and effects that would surely provide a high-quality video. With it free version, you can now publish in Youtube your videos that have effects perfectly befitting your theme and topic.
  5. VideoScribe – With its easy interface, 24/7 bite-size tutorials and free 7-day trial, videoscribe is one of the most fun tools that would help you in creating your very own animated video. Videoscribe is very convenient for beginners especially that it directly animates the media you put on its canvas. It has a wide variety of graphics which are directly accessible to you and features such as audio recording for voice overs soundtracks, texts and other necessities for your videos.
  6. Loopster – Loopster is one of the easiest video creation tools online. Being relatively as easy as iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, Loopster is an online video tool that would let you export 10-minutes long videos with 480p video quality, upload up to 1 GB of media and collaborate with other people for free.
  7. Renderforest – Rederforest is one of the best online video creation tools for the features you can use through its free version. It is a widely resourceful tool that could assist you from simple introduction videos to complete professional-looking, highly creative and unique videos.

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